EnviroMax® Deltamethrin

EnviroMax Deltamethrin

Water-based 10 g/L Deltamethrin formulation. A time-proven active ingredient, now formulated to exacting standards by the regions experts in suspension concentrate forumlations!

No hydrocarbon solvents means no staining, no ordour, and no damage to equipment and treated surfaces!

EnviroMax Deltamethrin 10SC Residual Insecticide targets the following pests with fast acting, broad spectrum activity:

BedbugsCarpet BeetlesTimber Pests
SpidersMosquitoesStored Product Pests
SilverfishFleasClothes Moths
Bird MitesQuarantine PestsBorers

The EnviroMax Deltamethrin range includes:

EnviroMax® Deltamethrin 10SC Residual Insecticide