EnviroMax® Permethrin

EnviroMax® Permethrin 500EC Residual Insecticide

A quality, broad spectrum, high concentration, low irritant product. For control of a broad range of insect pests of public health, domestic and commercial importance.

Key Features

  • Board spectrum activity
  • Non irritant synthetic toxicity
  • Low mammalian toxicity
  • Fast knock-down and long residual activity
  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • High Concentration formulation – smaller high quality packs

Areas of Use

  • Large scale or commercial operations for Dip/Spray treatment of felled logs, poles, posts and sawn timber
  • Plywood Manufacture
  • Aircraft Disinsection
  • Household and Industrial Situations
  • Repellant treatment of fabric and clothing
  • Turf

Target Pests

TermitesFurniture BeetlesTimber Pests
CockroachesBiting FilesAnts
SpidersMosquitoesStored Product Pests
SilverfishFleasClothes Moths
Lawn ArmywormQuarantine Timber Insect PestsPinhole Borers
Auger BeetlesPowder Post Beetles Moths

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The EnviroMax Permethrin 500EC Residual Insecticide range includes:

EnviroMax Permethrin