About Us

EnviroMax® Technologies

EnviroMax® Technologies recognises that due to increasing urbanization, travel and population growth, there is an immediate need for effective environmental health solutions in the Australasian region.  To meet this challenge, EnviroMax® Technologies has dedicated significant resources towards provision of “state-of-the-art” environmental health technology, which delivers maximum efficacy with minimal environmental impact.

Our Mission

EnviroMax® Technologies, in partnership with Chem-bio (chem-bio.com.au), aims to be Australasia’s leading supplier into the Environmental Health and Commercial Application fields, providing solutions, technical support, and service which meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

Product Range

EnviroMax® Technologies is extremely proud of its comprehensive product range, which is comprised of established, quality assured, active ingredients and end-use formulations.  This product portfolio has been compiled as a consequence of understanding the region’s environmental health and commercial application requirements, and subsequent collaboration with the regions leading formulation laboratories.